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Who we are: We are Ordained Ministers in the United Church of Christ who have received specialized training to assist congregations during the "in between times" of called pastors. Depending on our level of experience and training we carry the designation of Intentional Interim Minister (IIM) or, with extra training and fees, the Professional Transition Specialist (PTS).


How we are trained: Most of us have received our basic and/or continuing training frome the Interim Ministry Network (IMN). AUCCIIM is not staffed or funded for this function outside of this settimg. On the other hand, many of our AUCCIIM members are trainers within the IMN. We are exploring the possibility of offering pre or post IMN Conference sessions. We already offer sessions during the IMN conference which coincides with the annual AUCCIIM membership meeting.


Our Mission*

We are committed to advancing the importance and the quality of intentional interim ministry within the United Church of Christ.

Strategy to Accomplish our Mission
In our rapidly changing religious environment, professionally trained Interim Ministers are essential to the vitality of the United Church of Christ. We who devote our ministry to churches experiencing change are prepared to serve as partners with congregations in their process of change and renewal by the following:

As the association of intentional interim ministers of the United Church of Christ, we engage in collegial networking and denominational advocacy for intentional interim ministry and this profession.

We network with each other in-person and through media communications knowing that we are at our best when we are in community. We mentor, and share employment information, and denominational news and contacts. Our network encourages regional support groups for collegiality and continuing education.

We partner with all who shape ministry in the United Church of Christ in all its settings. We have a voice on the floor of General Synod and coordinate UCC Life and Disability benefits between calls. In local association and conference settings, we advocate for intentional interim ministry.

*Adopted June 14 2011


What we do: We assist congregations transitioning from one called pastor to the next. We help congregations work through the five developmental tasks:

1. Coming to terms with history
2. Developing Leaders
3. Discovering a new identity
4. Renewing Denominational Linkages
5. Commitment to a new future

Our relationship with the UCC: We seek and receive recognition as voice without vote at each General Synod where we advocate for the placement of our members. We educate Conferences and Associations about the designations and training of our members. We urge congregations, Conferences and Associations to use our skilled and trained interims to do the intentional work needed to help congregations transition from one called pastor to another, instead of someone without the special training. We continue to seek voice on the Executive Council of the UCC.

Pension Board Announcement: AUCCIIM Members can now continue their LIDI Coverage between Interim Assignments!

The AUCCIIM/UCC-PLL DataBase Is Up and Running:

The joint database is populated. It is available to Placement Personnel and to AUCCIIM members. AUCCIIM members will be able to access and maintain their own profile. This does not replace the existing profile form used by Parish Life and Leadership. This is an electronic medium for Quickly matching AUCCIIM Members with openings in their area of interest and expertese. Each Member is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their own data!

Notes: On Joining AUCCIIM and Entering your data into our Database

1. Download the instructions so you can fill out the forms Properly! Join AUCCIIM as a member

2. Our treasurer is The Rev, Janie Gebhardt, 1200 Aspen Dr., Pocatello ID 83204-5008.

3. The Database Administrator is Dave Jernigan.

Dues: Basic Membership is $30 and $50 for a Sustaining Membership (which includes a Lapel Pin). The easiest and fastest method for joining or renewing online through our PayPal account. The transaction is almost instantaneous. That means placement and pension boards personnel will "see" you and your profile almost immediately. If you really like paper checks, there are built-in delays. Transit time to our Treasurer, time to deposit and then to notify me and for me to update the basic information so you can fill out the rest of the profile.

The Membership year has changed to July 1 - June 30 of the following year. Renewals received before July 1 will be credited to the upcoming year. New members joining on/after May 1 will gain immediate benefits of the database listing.

201 Pictorial Directory: Draft will be emailed shortly after the abbual meeting.

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